• Translation, proofreading, editing – reliably and with high quality
    Layout and design solutions – professionally and creatively
    High quality printing – quickly and conveniently
    To be the top provider of a high quality comprehensive service in the translation and design industry.

    To facilitate multicultural business communication through high level multilingual writing and implementation of visual image concepts.

    Background and current developments

    In 1992 we initially started out as advertising and layout service providers. To a large extent this range of activities was developed on basis of the people involved at that time, their capabilities, skills and backgrounds in art studies.

    The visual image is always closely interlinked with text. Therefore, we found that it is important to provide our customers the added value of a service combining translation with design and layout. The ever increasing demand for translation services was also a contributing factor for developing our services. Our team consists of professionals who are specialists in their fields, always striving to provide the best service possible to answer the needs and requirements of our customers. Along with these we have also been providing printing services ever since our company was established, to offer our customers the convenient option of a combined service for all related tasks as a one stop solution.

    That is why our company has three “doors” as main services: translation, design and layout, and printing, to provide our customers a high quality combined service whenever needed.
    It is essential for the ever increasing international communication and cross-border partnerships to have a reliable and secure translation partner. It is important that a translation bureau would be able to provide additional services from copywriting advertising texts to producing finished printed materials. AD 3DOORS enables its customers to focus on their main activities. We provide the support services. Ever since Estonia joined the European Union in May 2004, AD 3DOORS has been providing translation, design and layout, and printing services to many companies and partners in the EU member states. Currently we have loyal customers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Great Britain.

    Our open communication style, multicultural approach and international project management skills have enabled us to become a substantial, loyal and highly regarded service provider.

    Dear customers and partners, welcome to AD 3DOORS!
  • The portfolio presents a range of our customers and/or brands served by our team, including our business partners.

  • We provide our customers a convenient and flexible 3-in-1 set of services.
    Personal project management, optimised resource management – for the success of your business.

    Why choose us?

    More than 25 years of experience 
    We have more than 25 years of working experience, including project management experience in serving international corporations in multicultural environments.

    3-in-1 set of services: translation, design and printing conveniently by a single service provider as a one stop solution
    A project manager is assigned as a contact person to each customer to advise, assist and guide the customer from the start of the project to its completion. This enables us to implement any alterations or additions required by the client without any problems. It is highly convenient to the customers, as they avoid the need to communicate with various contact persons and several service providers to achieve the required results.
    From concept to solution
    We are happy to assist you – from the initial concept to the finished solution, whenever required. The various project stages (see the sample workflow graph) are custom built to meet the requirements of the specific customer.

    From a past project to the new one – quickly, with high quality and at most competitive rates
    Our customers can use their previous projects and solutions that we have completed earlier and stored, as reference materials for implementing new ideas. We always strive to conserve our customers’ resources. For example, we can provide considerable savings in translation costs to our customers by using translation memories for repeated text segments, or design costs, when it is decided to use an existing layout or a uniform layout for texts translated into several languages. Confidentiality principles are strictly followed.

  • 1. Translation

    2. DTP and design

    3. Printing

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